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  About Us

The Credit Consultants Association was founded in 2006. We are largest consumer credit consultant organization in the USA.

  • Credit Consultants Association, Inc. provides training and certification in the credit service industry. We teach credit score optimization and consumer credit rights while promoting ethical consumer credit services practices by our members.
  • Credit Consultants Association, Inc. is a leader in promoting and enhancing professional standards in the field of credit repair and score repair.

Who are Credit Consultants Association, Inc. members?

  • Credit Consultants Association, Inc. is an American organization, consisting of members all over of North America.
  • The membership of Credit Consultants Association, Inc. includes professionals who depend on the credit industry to support their current profession. e.g. real estate, car industry, mortgages..

What is Our Purpose?

  • To provide a source of ethical trained and certified credit consultants to the public.
  • To offer and deliver services to credit consultants and other groups involved in the credit industry.
  • To establish and maintain professional standards through the development of certification procedures and ethical guidelines. To further these goals, a Code of Ethics has been established.
  • To certify individuals who have met a minimal level of training and experience to provide professional services in consumer credit repair.
Credit Consultants Association, Inc. incorporates information and expertise from the credit repair industry.


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