Both BCCC & CSCC Certification Digital Version(Instant Downloadable & Printable)



(Includes Board Certified Credit Consultant And Certified Credit Score Consultant Credentials fees, Training materials, and membership. You will learn all about FICO and earn the title of Specialist. Our most recommended Plan for those new to credit repair.

  • 12 months of Membership to our trade association included plus access to NEW upcoming materials
  • You CAN print the training manuals yourself.
  • You will learn about the laws that govern the Credit Repair Industry Pre-litigation strategies and how to be in compliance.
  • Everything included in The Standard Plus Plan
  • Unlimited Online or email support and 12 Months of Access to our Private Credit Consultant’s Helpdesk area of advanced strategies.
  • Names displayed in our directory,
  • The Test is done online, in a multiple-choice format
  • Credit Repair Training materials have recently been updated and come with some videos, audio files, Study Guide, and a Credit Score Manual that goes more in-depth on increasing credit scores.
  • (manuals downloadable)
  • Additional Digital Guide to Starting A Credit Repair Business Manual
  • Learn how to dispute the right way from your client’s credit report.
  • Learn everything there is to know about operating a credit service business including all dispute letters, sample contracts, a business plan, operational forms-how to deal with customers, and how to apply techniques e.g. removing items according to FCRA
  • Learn about using arbitration as a credit repair strategy
  • Powerful Advanced Credit Score Training
  • Marketing Information: Email templates, Marketing ads, Chat Scripts, and more..
  • Board Certified Credit Consultant (BCCC) Exam & Certification Fee included ($99)
  • Certified Credit Score Consultant (CCSC) Exam & Certification Fee included ($99)
  • 4 attempts to pass the BCCC exam (included in the package), 4 attempts to pass the CCSC exam (included in the package)
  • Digital Certificate on all versions. The hard copy version is available.
  • No Additional Fees.
  • Normal Fee 299

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