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Before you call, make sure you have read the content of our website. Usually all questions are answered. You can email or call us. 1-877-222-2052.

Consumer Notice

THERE IS NOTHING THAT A CREDIT REPAIR COMPANY CAN DO THAT YOU CAN NOT DO YOURSELF. However, there can be a learning curved in information. (A board certified CCA consultant can help.)
Do not hire a credit repair firm that fails to inform you of your legal rights, and how you can repair your credit yourself. (A board certified CCA consultant can help.)
Do not listen to a credit repair firm who advises that you create a new credit identity by applying for an Employer Identification Number, to use in place of your Social Security Number; this is unlawful and may constitute fraud. (A board certified CCA consultant will never do this and can help solve problems.)
If you have be defrauded by a member of CCA or a company you can submit a complaint here. Click here.
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