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  1. cca says:

    It’s been resolved.

  2. cca says:

    Training Materials and Exam links are sent to members directly after their purchase one our plans. The are sent vial a Third party. There has never been or will be links attached to our membership area because of the natural of the materials and exam.

    • Thanks for getting back, I requested the link for the training materials, exam etc because I don’t have it also I never stated that I was looking for links through the membership area as it’s understandable why it wouldn’t be in the members area. Let me know how can I resolve this issue. Thank you, Anthony Gonzalez

  3. cca says:

    We can forward you the testing links and materials to your email. What we have on file is onecoreconsulting@aol.com and it will be emailed there.

    • Awesome, I would appreciate that. I did receive a response stating my membership expires on 5/20 but that was it , I assume they are referring to the six months to the help desk.

  4. cca says:

    Materials sent to your email.

  5. cca says:

    We will forward certification to both emails.

  6. cca says:

    You have to create your directory listing. We don’t do this because many of our members do not want to be listed. Therefore, we provide you this options.

  7. cca says:

    Your ticket has been received and in review. We will notify you when your request is processed.


  8. cca says:

    Hi Dale it was sent yesterday. I will have them to resent again. Can you check your spam folder also. I will have it sent again either way.

  9. cca says:

    Hi Dale, this is strange we can see the article very well

  10. cca says:

    Have you tried a direct link to the article?

    • Dale Gabbett says:

      Just tried that, but had no luck. The ” you are logged in” section to the right is over-lapping the right side of the article. I’m using Chrome so maybe I’ll just try a different browser.

      Thanks anyways!

  11. cca says:

    How Anthony, your exam links were attached to your email with the heading “Welcome Credit Consultant” Your links are as follows:


    Second Attempt Exam Link. Click below to take your exam (remember to wait 24 hour after first attempt.


    This must be taken 24 hours later after the second attempt or change IP address.

    Third Attempt Exam Link. Click below to take your exam (remember to wait 24 hour after first attempt.

    http://www.classmarker.com/embedded_quizzes/?quiz=2ec8b5d012cc319729b9756c3ea46650&cm_user_id= 32ARM229

    [ Current Password For The Exam: “showers” case sensitive

  12. cca says:

    Please login to the credit helpdesk for this information. http://www.credithelpdesk.org

  13. cca says:

    We will resend your test links

  14. cca says:

    Hi Monique, did you received your certificate yet? If so, within the email, we provided you the information on how to get listed in our directory. Check that email for this information.


  15. cca says:

    These types of questions are only answered in our Credit HelpDesk area. If you are a current member and has access to the helpdesk, this questions has already been asked and answered there. credithelpdesk.org look at your orginal Welcome credit consultant email to find the link to register is you haven’t done so already.

  16. cca says:

    You must go to the Credit Help Desk to get these type of questions asked. We only respond to administrative issues here. Check the email sent to register, you get 12 free months. http://www.credithelpdesk.org

  17. cca says:

    Keep in mind that this is the support area addressing administrative issues. For credit issues make sure you have registered for the credit help desk credithelpdesk.org. Check the link in your welcome email for registration.


  18. ReliantCC says:

    I have registered and the admin has approved me. I am writing in regards to a testing link. Would I contact credithelpdesk.org for my certification.

  19. cca says:

    The link was fixed and sent to your email.

    • ReliantCC says:

      No online test was found.

      Please contact the person who gave you this online test for more information.

      Note: If you have been sent a link via email, please check your email client has not broken the link into two parts. If this has happened, copy and paste the first part of the link, then the last part of the link after the first into your web browsers Location bar (the www section) and hit Enter on your Keyboard to load the page.

  20. cca says:

    Here are your links. When tested they worked perfectly.

    First Attempt Exam Link:        Click below to take your exam.
    Second Attempt Exam Link.   Click below to take your exam (remember to wait 24 hour after first attempt. 
    This must be taken 24 hours later after the second attempt to take 3rd and 4th attempt or change IP address.
    Third Attempt Exam Link.   Click below to take your exam (remember to wait 24 hour after first attempt. 
    Fourth Attempt Exam Link.   Click below to take your exam (remember to wait 24 hour after first attempt. 

  21. cca says:

    After cancellation period but you can develop your strategy and get the process rolling.

  22. cca says:

    All exams links are in the welcomed email sent when you signed up. It would also have the manuals attached. Welcome credit consultant

  23. cca says:

    This is not the helpdesk area. You need to go to credithelpdesk.org to ask these questions.

  24. cca says:

    This question is asked in the wrong. This is our support desk for administrative issues. The helpdesk is located at credithelpdesk.org. I will email you your questions so that you can re paste it in that section.
    Make sure you have registered for the helpdesk using the link in your welcome email.

  25. cca says:

    This is not the place to ask credit question. They are done in the Credit Helpdesk located credithelpdesk.org. Please refer to your welcome email with your exam links for the link to register to the helpdesk. This area is for Administrative support questions.

  26. cca says:

    You have to pay to add the new member and they will use your study materials when you purchased the program.


  27. cca says:

    Links were resent yesterday.

  28. When you login in all of these links are listed in your dashboard.

  29. Credit Consultant says:

    We noticed that you have already taken an exam today. Did you lose the links after taking the exam of found the links?

  30. anisur rahman says:

    Do I have to enter the fees

  31. This is NOT the help desk but the support desk for administrative problems. You have to go to credithelpdesk.org to search our database for this issue first because it is there. But if you have a specific questions regarding the response, one of our consultant will answer it for you. Keep in mind, that you have to make sure you have registered for the helpdesk to gain access to it. Our email explains this fully. Again, this is the support desk for administrative issues.

  32. Janine Herrera says:

    It would have been just as easy to provide me with the answer. Your material appears to be outdated.

  33. We are the business department NOT the advice area. Our materials is not outdated especially if you search our help desk.


  34. Janine Herrera says:

    I looked at your help desk material and haven’t seen anything dated for 2015. The industry changes as do the dispute processes; and in my opinion it’s antiquated.

  35. It doesn’t matter if there are any changes to the industry and approaches they make changes to the system or update information. You are dealing with credit insiders over there, lawyers and bankers.

  36. Inquires approaches has NOT changed nor dispute methods as I was just told.

  37. Felicia Maldonado-Moore says:

    I am looking into purchasing the website. Do you have software available for me to use to help speed up the credit repair process? What do you recommend?


  38. We did call you back and spoke with you. We asked that you send us an email of all of the email addresses you want to use. Your site is up and running; we sent you an email for the details that you wish your change. http://premiumfinancialconsulting.com/ the next step is to get the information you want on your site and to choose image and color based on the link at the bottom of the site. You can change the color at using the tool below to let us know which color you like the best.

  39. We will look at this matter for you.

  40. Credit Consultant says:

    We have changed your address

  41. We can’t resend certificates after 4 months. The are archived. Your certificate was sent in June of 2015. In order to receive another certificate, you have to options. To pay an administrative http://creditconsultants.contentshelf.com/product?product=I16042200000500A

  42. Just click My Account and you will see your downloadable files attached to your account.

  43. Hi Pamela, questions like this should be asked in our helpdesk. This support is for membership services. Make sure you search the helpdesk for the answer prior to submitting. credithelpdesk.org

  44. Credit Consultant says:

    We don’t control this, you are the one that must enter that information and one it is done we will approve it. Have you entered your profile information?

  45. When you login to the members area click on Exam Information and your links will be there for you.

  46. Your site is now active and published.

  47. Pamela says:

    I am new, trying to figure out how to submit a question and use the helpdesk. my email account changed, and i lost all my emails associated with my member for CCASITE. can you please resend it to me, so I can logged into the helpdesk? I do receive 1 full year of membership.

  48. Credit Consultant says:

    Hi Pamela, it appears that your original email may have been archived. I would just renew your membership instead of paying $35 to retrieve it. This way you can get access to the help desk automatically.

  49. It appears that your account is active what is the nature of your login issue?

  50. louis says:

    Hi It says on the testing page I have a third attempt when I press to take the test it say you have no more attempts for this exam

  51. One can only take an any exam twice within 24 hours from the same IP address. Are you within the two attempts window?

  52. louis says:

    Hi I did two attempts yesterday morning I wanted to do my third attempt this morning have a nice Day

  53. You have to wait 24 hours total in between attempts.

  54. 24 hours in between the last attempt. So if you took the last attempt at 7pm, you have to wait until after 7pm today.

  55. Cathleen says:

    That link didn’t work and I still can’t get passed question 3. Therefore, I will have it try again tomorrow

  56. Cathleen says:

    Now I know why the test paused

  57. Thank you very much for this correction. We will extend your membership for an additional year to show our appreciation.

  58. Credit Consultant says:

    Click on Exam Information in your dashboard. This is depending on when you joined our organization. If you join before April, then your exams will be in your email.

  59. We will have our web tech take a look and fix.

  60. Credit Consultant says:

    Have you checked your spam folders?

  61. You have to pay to have manuals shipped to you. You purchased the downloadable version and the training manual are displayed prominently on the sign in page.

  62. louis says:

    I got the BCCC certificate you sent me in pdf in my email today but you did not send me the CSCC certificate in pdf could you please send to me tank you

  63. Credit Consultant says:

    Your certificates were previously sent and we just resent them to you as we just did for the CSCC.

  64. IsabellaF says:

    I dont see the manuals at all i just see my address on that page. Am i missing the link somewhere?

  65. IsabellaF says:

    Here is what i see when i click on the training manuals button on the sign in page.


  66. IsabellaF says:

    And my partner and i did pay to have the hard copy of the manuals shipped. When will they arrive?

  67. Credit Consultant says:

    I will send your manuals directly to you email.

  68. IsabellaF says:

    I never got the email with the manuals!!! Please resend them! positivemagic@msn.com or send to this one wealthmastersclub7@gmail.com


  69. Credit Consultant says:

    Please note, that you signed up as an additional person. This means that the top person has the ability to control what materials you can receive. Therefore, they are responsible for making sure you receive the training materials. Your membership is focus on certification and pays just for that.

  70. IsabellaF says:

    How can I get a hard copy of the files?

  71. Credit Consultant says:

    Just take the files to FedexOffice and have them printed and bind, it will save you money than for use to do it for you.

  72. Credit Consultant says:

    Your website is being hosted by our web service hosting facility. Godaddy may only have your domain name but the hosting is done on philio.net hosting server. We see what the problem is and have resolved this matter for you. We have restored the password to their original password. We noticed that Mike did not received the new password. When the site was installed, the team member changed the password and did not forward it to Mike the assigned web developer. The reason had to do with the installer. He just recently lost his son the same day the site was installed and and been out since then. He did not follow through with the email to Mike. We apologize and considering what has occurred it should have never happened. This and has resolved! All you have to do is provide the necessary changes you desire for you site in a word document.

  73. This is absolutely no problem. I just wasn’t sure if I had mistakenly done something without knowing it. I am in no hurry and my thoughts and prayers definitely go out to the installer and his family. Prayers for him is definitely more important at this time than my website. Thank you so much for all your help! I will get this information to Mike soon. I appreciate everyone’s help. I have received wonderful customer service and couldn’t be more pleased to this point.

  74. One more question.. Is email included within the website or should I add it with the domain name package through GoDaddy? Thanks.

  75. Credit Consultant says:

    Absolutely and you can tell them what email addresses you want to add and when you get control of the back-end, you will be able to add your own at will.

  76. Wonderful! Thank you!!

  77. Credit Consultant says:

    You have to login to your dashboard and click on create and edit profile.

  78. Credit Consultant says:

    You would have received your password in an email. It’s the same username as in this site. We have changed your password to 12345678

  79. Credit Consultant says:

    Let me check with the website department and get back with you.


  80. Its your same username but a different password. Just click on forgot password and reset it.

  81. Credit Consultant says:

    If you make any changes, it can take up to 24 hours to approve it. In addition, our tech office is in east Florida and we all evacuated days ago. Processing has been slower than usual.

  82. Shedrick says:

    Ok thank

  83. Credit Consultant says:

    We have not received any testimonials, FAQ nor Facebook info for your site. Please send this. We will get this graphic this week. Our office was located in east Florida and we have to evacuate for over a week and will get this done.

  84. Credit Consultant says:

    You are suppose to ask these type of questions in our help desk


  85. You won’t be able to send this support ticket if you didn’t have access. The profile is listed in your dashboard and you won’t see what’s there. Just either create a new one and it will be updated.

  86. It is best that you take your files and have them printed. These manuals are now licensed and cost $199 to print and ship all 3 manuals because of the license fee. I’m not sure what you mean about broken links. Can you explain?

  87. Credit Consultant says:

    We are not allowed to show what was missed but they do provide categories scores so that can learn what areas of study you should concentrate.

  88. Hi Troy, this was not our mistake because we never retype anything for certificates. We tell members prior to taking the exam in the instructions to make sure they type the name exactly how they want it to appear on their certificate. This field is automatically entered. Please see attached of how you typed in your name field. However, there is good news for you. Certificates templates are deleted instantly after they have been sent but yours was not. There is normally a $25 charge to change the name however they can make the corrections for you and resend it later this evening.


  89. Hi Troy, this was not our mistake because we never retype anything for certificates. We tell members prior to taking the exam in the instructions to make sure they type the name exactly how they want it to appear on their certificate. This field is automatically entered. Please see attached of how you typed in your name field. However, there is good news for you. Certificates templates are deleted instantly after they have been sent but yours was not. There is normally a $25 charge to change the name however they can make the corrections for you and resend it later this evening.


  90. TROY says:

    Thanks that is very nice of you

  91. TROY says:

    Thank you i passed both anyway

  92. For a digital certificate the cost is only $25 to change the name but for a printed certificate, you will have pay for this all over again.

  93. This ticket can be closed. Thank you so much

  94. Credit Consultant says:

    We sent you a complete email stating that your site is done and based on our records you replied. I will double check.

  95. We explained this in your email that is good and not an error. It’s only because we use ssl to proect but without providing your a certificate. It only protects from those capturing over the internet. Just click proceed to site.

  96. From: Credit Consultants Association [mailto:info@ccasite.org]
    Sent: Thursday, September 22, 2016 10:06 AM
    To: ‘brindasullivan@icloud.com’
    Subject: Website

    Hi Brinda,

    Your website is completed however, we do need to change the graphic for pricing. Below is access to your site if you want to add email addresses among other things.

    You have full access to your site to make changes as deemed necessary but be careful. To understand more about these applications, you can click this link. We use cpanel and word press. You have total control over your website.


    WordPress Backend


    username: admin
    Password: Nf9wC3yn

    This will provide you a dashboard and changes can be made to pages. If you click on dashboard, you will see a list of boxes and Pages is where all of your website information listed. You will see pages that can be edited. Once you make text changes, you will have to click update. However, again just be careful especially with the home page. You can familiarize yourself with wordpress to make the changes you desire.

    Control Panel Backend
    https://www.reascendcredit.com:2083 or http://www.rescendcredit.com/cpanel

    Username: reascendcredit
    Password: tAVCSotQZZnd

    Please note that the will say that there is a security message:
    Your connection is not private
    Attackers might be trying to steal your information from reascendcredit.com (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards).
    Ignore this message and click advanced and you will see another message:
    This server could not prove that it is reascendcredit.com; its security certificate is fromserver.philio.net. This may be caused by a misconfiguration or an attacker intercepting your connection.
    Click Proceed to reascendcredit.com (unsafe) This is NOT unsafe but a message attempt to get us to purchase a certificate that already on the server.

  97. Hello,

    I have tested the email on my website and the email is not working. When a potential client sends a message through the website, the message is not coming through the email system. Also, when emails are sent to and from the email portal they are not transporting. It seems as if there is a broken link. Please advise. Thanks.

  98. The mail is going to brindasullivan@icloud.com Did you receive my test email? From Larry?

  99. I did. Is this the email for the website? I thought this was fixed. I have a rep working the client side and just got more involved recently. I didn’t realize changes were made to forward emails to the iCloud account. How do we need to correct this in order to have All incoming/outgoing emails for each email go to that destination? Also, on the website for visitors that would like to contact us, how would we get those comments to direct to the email? I’m not sure how that stopped working or if it worked originally? Thank you SO much for you help!!

  100. Also, one last question if I may, is there a way to add a visitor counter to he website?

  101. Visitor counters are really not used anymore. There are logs in the backend of all website that provide this information to the administration. It is listed under logs and analog stats


  102. To answer Larry’s question, I did, receive the email. Is this the email for the website? I thought this was fixed. I have a rep working the client side and just got more involved recently. I didn’t realize changes were made to forward emails to the iCloud account. How do we need to correct this in order to have All incoming/outgoing emails for each email go to that destination? Also, on the website for visitors that would like to contact us, how would we get those comments to direct to the email? I’m not sure how that stopped working or if it worked originally? Thank you SO much for you help!!

  103. Your directory listing was approved. However, any time you make changes it can take up to 24 hours for it to be approve each time.

  104. Just ignore the privacy message, we sent an email regarding this matter on your complete website message.

    Please NOTE: it will provide a comment that states: Your connection is not private . IGNORE this message click advanced and click proceed to… it will say (unsafe) this is not true and ignore this message.

  105. You can access your website form any area as long as it is within the USA. there are no restriction.

  106. There is not cap on anything in this business. You can charge as much as you can get from your clients.

  107. Blessings,

    Brinda S.

    Sent from my iPhone

    Begin forwarded message:

    From: Brinda sullivan
    Date: December 19, 2016 at 2:49:19 PM CST
    To: “@icloud.com”
    Subject: Fwd: Traceroutes for Websites


    Brinda S.

    Sent from my iPhone

    Begin forwarded message:

    From: Brinda Sullivan
    Date: December 19, 2016 at 6:06:39 AM CST
    To: “brindasullivan@icloud.com”
    Subject: Traceroutes for Websites
    Reply-To: Brinda Sullivan

  108. Credit Consultant says:

    this is the wrong place to ask this question. go to credithelpdesk.org

  109. Credit Consultant says:

    We can break it down to two payments and need you to send us this same email to info@ccasite.org this is because payment links can only be sent via email and not this ticket system.

  110. You signed up when manuals were sent via email. There is no download of manuals. We can only resend the files that you purchased directly.


  111. Can they be resent? I can’t find the email anywhere and my computer they were saved on crashed and they were the on file that was not backed up at the time. I would appreciate it. brindasullivan@icloud.com. Thank you for your help!

  112. I forwarded your manuals to your email. You signed up prior to unlimited download automation and your account can not be attached to this system. You will have to make sure you keep the manuals that I just sent to your email.


  113. Make sure you are being listed as an organization. We only list individuals and those listing their company as a lead could not be approved. All approvals have be submitted.if you are still not listed it will be because you have listed your organization or company’s name instead of your name.


  114. That logo is only attached to the certificate. It is not downloadable. You have to find the original email sent for that logo.

  115. Danraj Pooran says:

    Goof morning,

    I have the original email that was sent but I’m unable to download it nor is it showing up 8th the attachment. Also, the certified score consultant site is down as well.

  116. Danraj Pooran says:

    I was able to open the attachments. Thank you for patience and I apologize for any inconvenience.

    Best Regards

  117. Credit Consultant says:

    Please check your spam folder. Your certificates were already sent.

  118. Lawrence says:

    I have reviewed my spam folder and inbox. I received the CSCC certificate. I only received the notification email that I passed the BCCC course and that I should receive the emailed certificate in 10 days. So unfortunately I do NOT have the BCCC certificate.

  119. Credit Consultant says:

    It was resent to your email.

  120. Lawrence says:

    Thank you. I have received the Certificate

  121. Credit Consultant says:

    We have reviewed your test results and you are not answering the questions correctly. Based on the way you are answering the questions, it appears that maybe you had previous experience in the Credit Service business and this is usually why some score a lower percentage. There has been so much misinformation in the industry and why our organization are correcting this matter. You in addition must read all options prior to answering each question. are you studying the materials? I asked because we track how well others that take this exam are doing on each question. There has been thousands individuals that have taken this exam. Many of the questions that you have missed has an extremely high success rate of those actually answering that question correctly. Make sure that you are studying the materials and take your time. You are leaving over 20 to 30 minutes left on the exam time.

  122. Credit Consultant says:

    We are sorry you feel this way and will refund your membership. There are NO companies that have any type of affiliation with any agency however, we have positioned ourselves to be the go-to source for certification and widely accepted by many states requiring that one must have training to get a business licence.

    Just today a major credit repair company since 15 of their employees though our program. We are thankful that they find our site and information acceptable since many are running all of their employees consultants through our website and certification process.

    We will you well and you will be deleted from our system.

  123. We are working on this matter.

  124. Credit Consultant says:

    Royce Wheeler should be able to send you your manuals. Some accounts are setup so that the main member can control this method however, it appears that lately, it has been set to default to allow main members to send what manuals they want the one’s they add tot he system. We will fix it so that the main member can check and uncheck this box. For now, the main member can send you their files.

  125. The Goodwill letter is in the back of the BCCC training manual.

  126. Your mail keeps bouncing back Either you typed your email address wrong or something is going on with your email.

    This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

    Delivery to the following recipients was aborted after 0 second(s):

    * 1stprimeredit@gmail.com

  127. This is the wrong place for this type of question. It should be done in the helpdesk. This support area if regarding billing and customer service issues. Just copy and past this same information at the helpdesk. Your username name is the same but you will have to reset your password if you did not get a password in your email.

  128. Many just take some of our articles that is posted in the help desk as their newsletter. The ones that will affect everyone and will not be above the heads of clients.

  129. Awesome. Thank you I wasn’t sure if we could do that. I appreciate the information. Have a great evening.

  130. Credit Consultant says:

    The password is listed in the member’s dashboard. If you logged in to post this ticket, you should see the password unless your membership expired.

  131. CREDIMAS LLC says:

    Thank you very much for your reply, I already saw the password

  132. Credit Consultant says:

    You need to post this to our helpdesk or send an email to help@helpdesk.org. This support section is for those with administrative issues.

  133. Credit Consultant says:

    More than likely they are spam message but we can fix it so that it will go to mail@nomail.com to stop it.

  134. That would be great!

  135. Credit Consultant says:

    We have a certification department that you should email at certificates@ccasite.org in addition, have you checked your spam folder? They are usually there because all certificates within May 1 to May 19 have already been sent.

  136. We are not allowed to show what was missed. It is just policy of Proverify our third party auditors.

  137. Joseph says:

    Ok Thanks

  138. Credit Consultant says:

    It wasn’t our system. We noticed that you use a mobile device and apparently that system was in maintence mode. We have sent a resume link for you to continue the exam.

  139. Credit Consultant says:

    We noticed that you have already started a new attempt.

  140. ARDIS says:

    NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO,

    I am asking to take the BCCC Exam and not the BSC Exam. I was trying to pass it because it was what was available. It has been a challenge for me also. I am far from stupid but this is questionable. No matter what I do in notes and reference, I am finding it impossible to pass this exam also. Frustrated is not the word. I have read over the material and is using the open book. I have began to regret this decision completely. You have not given me the access to the correct exam,the BCCC yet. This is the one that I need the accreditation and certification for.I paid my money to be able to put these on my wall not to have a stroke trying. Can you please just send me what I asked for? If you had of just read my email and checked the dashboard you would have seen what i was saying. NOW I NEED BOTH EXAMS SENT BACK TO ME, THE BCCC AND THE BSC. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE.

  141. ARDIS says:


  142. ARDIS says:


  143. Credit Consultant says:

    You have taken 3 exams within 24 hour period and plus you are OUT of attempts for the CSCC. You will NOT get another link right away. It will take at least 24 to 28 hours for another exam link and this will be for the BCCC exam. You have also taken 4 attempts of the credit score exam and have to purchase more links inorder for NEW LINKS to appear in your profile.

    We did not close your support ticket. You had already started an exam link that was finished and the ticket closed after that link was used and not passed.

    Ardis Martin-williamsDetails
    70% 70/100 00:47:49 Sat 10 Jun ’17 7:03pmAnswers
    Ardis Martin-williamsDetails
    69% 69/100 00:48:24 Sat 10 Jun ’17 5:50pmAnswers
    Ardis Martin-williamsDetails
    62% 62/100 00:38:43 Sat 10 Jun ’17 5:01pmAnswers

  144. We have forward this to our certification department. This support ticket for membership service.

  145. Credit Consultant says:

    Please ask this question in the helpdesk or send an email to help@credithelpdesk.org this is where these types of questions are asked. There is an approach to this situation.

  146. Credit Consultant says:

    Our server was under maintenance. We sent notification to all members. The noticed may have gone to your spam folder. The issues has been resolved now.

  147. Greg says:

    Yes, thank you.

  148. You are actually place this help in the wrong area. It’s best to send an email to help@credithelpdesk.org for assistance to your credit questions. I’ve attached a dispute you can adjust to use with this situation.


  149. IsabellaF says:

    Thanks. I printed them out. 🙂

  150. IsabellaF says:

    Thanks. I printed them out. 🙂

  151. Credit Consultant says:

    You purchased the digital version. They are to be download. When you click on your membership dashboard, click on training process and they it explains the process.

  152. Credit Consultant says:

    I’m sorry but no it can not be retaken. All you have to do is purchase additional links from your membership dashboard. They are as low as $10

  153. Ongelic says:

    Thank you, I found the link right after I created this ticket. Thank you again though.

  154. Credit Consultant says:

    Old members did not get lifetime downloads because of licensing fees. Meaning we pay licensing fees to the publisher of each manual. You will have to upgrade to get the new manuals. They are very strict on this and many members upgraded long ago e.g. http://ccasite.org/members/product/manuals-license-fee/

  155. Login to your dashboard and click create or edit profile and use the exact same information especially email address but just change the address or anything else you want to change as long as the email is the same.

  156. Credit Consultant says:

    I’m not sure what you mean, this is a customer support system. Question related to doing the work is done in our helpdesk.

  157. Ianthe Hernandez says:

    Thank you

  158. These types of questions are answer in our helpdesk http://www.credithelpdesk.org or by sending an email to help@credithelpdesk.org. I’ve forwarded the message to them this time and here is their response: The issue is their agreement with the mortgage accelerator company. It doesn’t matter if you made payments on time, it is when the third party company made the payment. The damage was done by the mortgage accelerator company to prove that they made on time payments in the client’s behalf. This is why we NEVER recommend using a third company to pay bills.

  159. Your mail is bouncing back. We have sent this message to you before but it is still backing bouncing back.

  160. Please be advised that we have emailed you several times to say that you have not passed out exam. In addition, you listed your company’s name while taking the exam and that violate guidelines with Proverify our third party auditors; therefore, even if you pass NO certificated can be issued in a company’s name. You have to obtain a passing grade to get these certificates. You earned a 64% and we require a 75% as a passing percentage. When taking the exam again, do not use a company name.

  161. CREDIMAS LLC says:


    I think there is a mistake, I pass the exam with 75% and the certificate you sent it to me at info@credimas.us.
    This is the certified number: BCCCpid-1273uid-4322A-3

    With regard to submitting the exam on behalf of my company, I contacted you before the exam and they told me that there was no problem with taking the exam on behalf of my company.
    Please check the emails that sent me because they did not reach my mailbox.

    Warm Regards

  162. IsabellaF says:

    So my client should call the accelerator company to send a letter to the credit bureau that he has paid on time then? And to have it removed from the credit history?

  163. IsabellaF says:

    Thankyou I have my manuals. Issue closed. I appreciate all your help.

  164. Credit Consultant says:

    Hi Isabella, please direct questions like this to our helpdesk, you can send an email directly to help@credithelpdesk.org

  165. Yes, I know but we sent an email to say that ProVerified has invalidate that certificate in our recent audit. The previous response did not see the passing grade because it was made invalid. We have to change the name on it to be valid again and they will send you another certificate. Normally there is a $25 charge because it is clearly written in the exam instructions prior to taking it. Be we can waive this fee. We now have only 5 days left to get this changed or they will place the invalid certification under certification forfeiture and it will be listed in google searches. You can not get anything other certificate until this is done. Please provide the name of the individual that pass the exam however, it should be the person that paid for it. If not, the provide the person that took the exam.

  166. CREDIMAS LLC says:

    Hello, I never received the mail you mention, the name of the person who performs the exam is Juan A Agudelo.

    If you require additional information do not hesitate to request it

    Warm Regards.

  167. Great we got this taken care. I’ve forward this to our certification department for them to issue you two new certificates, BCCC and Credit Repair Specialist. You should get within 3 days but more than likely this evening.

  168. CREDIMAS LLC says:

    Ok perfect, I’ll be waiting for the new certificates, thanks for the information.

  169. Your email is bouncing back. We have tried to send it multiple times but msn rejected the email. I’ll try sending it again right now or you can provide us with a different email address.

  170. It will tell you when you membership will expire when you login to the membership dashboard. Your certification will be good for two years. However, membership is for 12 months to the association.

  171. What is the name and email address of the person you added?

  172. Information was sent to her, all we did was submit a lost password reset and she can login with the username you established for her. AMcCall

  173. Your certificated was email on April 20, 2017 and it shows that it was received and email opened. I have resent the certificate to sashadouglas20@gmail.com. Please keep in mind that it will be archived soon and we won’t be able to resend usually after 6 months; something longer.

  174. Newlife2014 says:

    Okay I I remember opening it but I didn’t remember seeing the one with my name on it but my mother Meshandra Williams we both pay for printed and mailed she’s the only one in the other lady got theirs but me my Isc by email then I just tried to do where you can buy the certificate for the credit repair specialist for 27 it didn’t discount the rate for me for some reason when I added it to my cart

  175. Newlife2014 says:

    Crazy part I’m the main one who should have got it printed out the three that was in the group we paid I don’t know we registered it wrong so where my mom got hers printed an mail cuz they work on your new when I need help only I’m the one who owns the business I don’t know all we can do for me to get my eyes mailed and printed and how to add the certificate for the credit repair specialist that your ask your program don’t get me wrong I love the program and all the new updates you have

  176. Our record keeping system is digital and never archived for payments, orders and delivers since the inception of our organization; we can pull every single transaction of payments, orders and call log. We have no records of you nor Meshandra Williams purchasing a printed version of our certificate. The only way something of this nature can be missed if there were an authorization on a credit card but was not processed. In those cases, an authorized would appear that an order was placed but actually never completed or charged in the end. Another way is that you paid with a card not in your name and there is no record of that individual passing our exam. If you have records of a payment for a print card please provide this information.

  177. Credit Consultant says:

    Your mail is bouncing back MSN is rejecting the attachments. Please provide another email e.g. gmail preferrable or yahoo but not hotmail, aol, outlook because they are owned by Microsoft just as msn

  178. it was sent to that new email address

  179. Newlife2014 says:

    im trying to buy whats in my cart for the specail of $27 but its coming up 37 whats is the pomo code i click the link in my email but i still get this

  180. The promotion is over and has been for two months. It’s 37 for a credit repair specialist. Program

  181. Please send this email to certificates@ccasite.org we have a whole separate division for this matter. They do not have access to this support panel.

  182. Credit Consultant says:

    I forward this email to their department but make sure you followup with them.

  183. The credit helpdesk is a separate site and your username is the same but not the password. Just click on forgot password and it will send you a reset link. It will be the same email and username.

  184. Please note, that our certificate department does not type names. It is whatever that was placed in the name field when you registered. Therefore, if this is the case, send them an email asking if they could correct it and hope that it is still up if so, they won’t charge you. If not, there is a $25 fee. Often they waive this if taking responsibility for this error.

  185. scalesgenry30 says:

    I put in scaleshenry30@yahoo.com it is still telling me no user by that email is registered

  186. What was the email address used to purchase this program. We are not picking up your order with this email.

  187. We found your problem. You mis-spelled your email address scalesgenry30@yahoo.com we are changing it to the correct one.

  188. Christian says:

    I can I get my Certificate for passing the BCCC exam? I still haven’t received it and I do not have clear instruction on what to do to get it. It has already been over 6 months. Can some please help or contact me 314-755-9600

  189. Christian says:

    I still haven’t received my certificate for the exam and I do not have clear instruction on what to do to get it. It has already been over 6 months. Can some please help or contact me 314-755-9600

  190. Your hot mail account has been blocking the attachments. Please provide another email e.g. gmail or yahoo. Your hotmail email is just not allow the images.

  191. Make sure you check your spam folder. Many of the certificates are found there a lot lately with gmail users.

  192. myfixcredit says:

    I did check my spam, and various other miscellaneous folders on numerous occasions and have not seen it.

  193. myfixcredit says:

    Thank you for your speedy responses, but can yoh please confirm that it has been forwarded to: Myfixcredit@gmail.com
    I’ve check my email folders and still do not see it.

  194. Credit Consultant says:

    No it takes up to up 10 days but your mail is returning. Outlook and Hotmail emails just don’t like multiple attachments. Do you have a gmail or yahoo email?

  195. Michele Miller says:

    Hello, and thank you for responding. Please send to this email >>> MICHELEHMILLER@YAHOO.COM

  196. Certificates sent to you yahoo email. Please check your spam or Junk folder for your certificates.

  197. We re sent it to your email but please check your spam or trash folder.

  198. Just click the schedule now button instead of attempting to login, This a new service for you and separate from CCA database.

  199. JP MATHEWS says:

    i have paid $29 the other day and when i spoke tot he lat person.. he said he will send me the manual via email..but when i copy and paste the url..it says i can’t edit.. please help

  200. You paid $29 for renewal of your membership. If you want new manuals you will have pay an additional 28 to receive the new manuals. Otherwise, I can send you the orginal manuals you obtained when you purchase the programs. If you want the new manuals you will have to pay an additional $28 license fee. If you just need the old manuals when you pruchased in 2016, we can send those to you without making any additional payments.

  201. JP MATHEWS says:

    where do i pay that? a new membership renewal?

  202. Here account is active and has been so since she was added. You created her username and password when signing up. Added members are not listed in your dashboard. They have their own account BUT it is tied to you and as you go she goes the same way. She is using outlook as her email address and All of Microsoft owned email system are terrible in handing mail e.g. outlook, hotmail and AOL we as well as most membership service have issues with these email system especially when sending mail automatically. Here username is RResinger and password is whatever you created. All she has to do is do forgot password and put in her username or email address and it can be forward to her. However, since she is using outlook we have changed her password to dejavubeenhereb4

  203. BRIDGET MURPHY says:

    ok thanks

  204. You get four attempt with the initial membership plan and can only take any exam on the same computer twice within a 24 hour period. If you have taken the exam more than 4 times. you will have to purchase additional attempts. They are only $7 per attempt or you can buy 3 for a special price.

  205. Credit Consultant says:

    The credit repair specialist goes to email not shipped unless your purchased the shipped version.

  206. Credit Consultant says:

    I resent your certificate and a password reset link to your email. Your username is: JERVE27 and you can get your password reset by clicking forgot password. I’ve already sent it to you so check your email for both the certificate and the reset link.

  207. We have been trying to reach you but your email is bouncing back. In our intital information when taking the exam and signing up we share that those using hotmail, outlook and some AOL user are not getting their mail from our system especially when we are sending attachments. We have forwarded your BCCC certificate twice and it bounces back. Please provide us another email address preferable a gmail or yahoo other than the ones we mentioned. As for you the helpdesk, you did not get their email either and its a seperate site. Your username name will be the same as CCA but there is a different password. We will set to 12345678 and it is best to change your email in our system and don’t use hotmail for business.

  208. You get 4 attempts to take the exam but can only take two exams within a 24 hour period. In addition, make sure you pass the BCCC exam first because no credit score certificate is sent if you have not passed the BCCC exam. If after 4 attempts you do not pass, you can purchase another attempt for as low as $7 or 3 for $15

  209. When you add them, you will create a username and password them and they will have their own login. They will get access to manuals and the exam links. There are no other additional costs except the $59 or $69 price point.