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How Delinquencies Affect Credit Scores?

How many points delinquencies are worth on your credit score?

 Zero, That’s right, delinquencies are worth zero points in your credit score. Delinquencies, like inquiries, do not have independent value. So, 30 day lates are not worth 10 points, 60 day lates are not worth 15 points and 90 day lates are not worth 20 points.  Actually, it might be better to say that delinquencies are not worth negative points because the assumption is probably that they LOWER your score.

It is entirely inappropriate and incorrect to say that “X” lowered my score by “Y” points. That’s not what happened.

The late payment don’t lower your score but because adding a late payment to a credit report moves other things around it caused your score to be different than it was before the late payment was added.  If your score is 50 points lower it’s not as if the new late payment lowered your score 50 points…but because the addition of that item caused a different evaluation of EVERYTHING on your credit reports (scorecard hop) the new reality for you is 50 points lower.

if you keep adding derogatory items to a credit report it becomes so polluted that your score just collapses.  It wasn’t one late payment…it was the aggregate. .

Adding one or two items (or removing one or two items) can cause a re-evaluation of all of the other items and can create a different score outcome.